ARMAREX is pioneering the development of innovative, adaptive, and responsive camouflage technologies that provide users with a significant edge over traditional camouflage patterns. ARMAREX will soon be releasing one of our secret project camouflage techniques, a world-first and unrivalled anywhere else on the planet.


ARMAREX employs advanced production techniques including printing, laser cutting, and sewing technologies, to design and fabricate light personal armour systems. We utilise fabrics from our Material Armour range in the process of constructing and shaping nylon-based systems.


ARMAREX Material Armour consists of abrasion resistant, cut resistant and fire-resistant materials. We work with the strongest fibre materials in the world like Dyneema and Buckypaper to develop a lightweight, fashion-forward material as a more discreet and stylish alternative to bulky protection.


ARMAREX is at the forefront of advanced plastic armour systems development, employing cutting-edge injection moulding and additive manufacturing techniques with focus on creating lightweight protective armour solutions for personal use.